Stats for unreleased Mega Evolutions are speculative. Don't invest any resources until they're officially released.

Welcome to PvPoke.com! We're an open-source tool for simulating, ranking, and building teams for Pokemon GO PvP (player versus player) battles. Check out the links below to get started.


Simulate a battle between two custom Pokemon.


Play real-time battle simulations against a CPU opponent.


Explore the rankings, movesets, and counters for the top Pokemon in each league.

Team Builder

Build your own team and see their type matchups and potential counters.


Check out the source code on Github or lend your support through Patreon.

What's New

v1.24.7 (December 10, 2021)

  • Battle timeline tooltips now show a move's damage in percent alongside the damage value.
  • Future ranking updates will sort key wins and losses by Battle Rating.
    • These were previously sorted by a behind-the-scenes score used to determine the key win and key loss lists.
    • This change is currently present in custom rankings, and will take effect in the main rankings when those are updated in the future.
  • Clicking the "Battle" button after using the "Explore Win Conditions" feature will revert the simulation to non-random results.
  • On mobile, the Pokemon search function on the Battle and Team Builder pages now completes when you finish typing rather than every keypress.
    • This change is aimed at mitigating input lag on some mobile devices.

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