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What's New

v1.12.3 (October 19th, 2019)

  • Ferocious Cup rankings and Training Battles are now live!
  • A new Consistency score has been added to the rankings to illustrate which Pokemon are depenendent on shield baiting:
    • This score is calculated based on the Pokemon's recommended moveset. It is a function of how much of the Pokemon's total damage output comes from Charged Moves, and how that damage output is impacted by failed baits.
    • The calculation evaluates consistency when both moves are neutral or when either move is resisted (if applicable). For example, Vaporeon has 100 Consistency when spamming Aqua Tail but loses Consistency when Aqua Tail is resisted and Vaporeon can potentially bait with Aqua Tail while reaching for Last Resort.
    • Consistency is incorporated into the overall scores. This should help tone down Pokemon who are heavily dependent on baiting, and better represent Pokemon who are more consistent.

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