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Stufful Community Day Guide for PvP

Last updated April 22, 2022

Stufful is debuting this weekend for April Community Day! What impact will Bewear have for PvP, is Drain Punch any good, and are there any special IV spreads to hunt? Let's find out! You can get more info about Stufful Community Day at the official Pokemon GO blog. Below are the leagues and IV spreads to look out for, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Date & Time

Saturday, April 22nd
2pm - 5pm local time

Exclusive Charged Move

Drain Punch

Event Bonus

x3 Catch XP

Event Bonus

x2 Catch Candy

League & IV Recommendations

High Rank Jumpluff

Level 20
Base Form



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Mega Evolve one of these Pokemon during Community Day to earn bonus catch candy!


How good is Bewear for PvP?

Bewear may struggle in open play but has potential in themed cups or anti-meta roles. It's a unique Normal/Fighting Pokemon with slightly Attack weighted stats and a solid movepool including Shadow Claw, Superpower, and Payback. It's playable in all three leagues.

As a Normal type, Bewear can hit other Normal types for super effective damage, and as a Fighting type, Bewear can counter traditional Ghost-type walls. It also has the ability to hit back against Psychic types, so it's mainly vulnerable to Fairy and Flying-type Pokemon. Bewear has notable play against Trevenant and Walrein in Great and Ultra League (it can struggle against Walrein while shields are up), and against Giratina in Master League.

How good is Drain Punch for Bewear?

Drain Punch is unlikely to be a preferred move for Bewear. Drain Punch has 20 base power and costs 40 energy, providing a 1 stage boost to Bewear's Defense. Drain Punch's role is largely as a bait move, comparable to Power-Up Punch (20 power, 35 energy) and Bubble Beam (25 power, 40 energy).

Unfortunately for Drain Punch, Bewear has access to more convincing moves like Payback, Stomp, and Superpower. Superpower in particular (85 power, 40 energy) costs the same as Drain Punch but provides meaningful Fighting-type damage with over 4x the damage output. In addition, Bewear lacks the bulk to take full advantage of Drain Punch's Defense boosts, and lacks Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) on Shadow Claw, so its Charged Moves need to do some heavy lifting. All in all, Drain Punch is inefficient compared to Bewear's other Charged Moves.

Look to evolve or keep multiple Bewear so you can have Bewear with and without Drain Punch in your collection.

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